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Scienochromis ahli

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Dear pam
Can you tell me how many locations you can find
Scienochromis ahli at and is there any at chimwalani reef.
Thank you.
Pam Chin
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Re: Scienochromis ahli

Post by Pam Chin »

Hi balderman,

Not sure if you are asking about the true Sciaenochromis ahli or Sciaenochromis fryeri? S. fryeri is quite common in the hobby, and called S. ahli for years. While the true ahli has rarely if at all been imported.

S. ahli location sites:
Localities: Chewere (Malawi, undefined), Likoma Island (Malawi, undefined), Masimbwe Islet (Malawi, native), Mdoka Reef (Malawi, native), Msisi (Tanzania, native), Taiwanee Reef (Mozambique, native).

S. fryeri location sites:
Localities: Boadzulu Island (Malawi, native), Chewere (Malawi, undefined), Chiloelo (Mozambique, undefined), Chimwalani Reef (Malawi, undefined), Chinyamwezi Island (Malawi, native), Chinyamwezi Reef (Malawi, undefined), Chinyankwazi Island (Malawi, native), Chiofu Bay (Malawi, native), Chitande Island (Malawi, native), Chitimba Bay (Malawi, native), Chiwi Rocks (Malawi, native), Chizumulu Island (Malawi, undefined), Chuanga (Mozambique, native), Domwe Island (Malawi, native), Gallireya Reef (Malawi, native), Gome Rock (Malawi, native), Katale Island (Malawi, native), Linganjala Reef (Malawi, native), Liuli (Tanzania, native), Liwelo Bay (Mozambique, undefined), Lundu (Tanzania, native), Lupingu (Tanzania, undefined), Luwala Reef (Malawi, native), Maingano Island (Malawi, undefined), Maleri Island (Malawi, native), Mbenji Island (Malawi, type locality), Mbweca Rocks (Mozambique, undefined), Mdoka Reef (Malawi, native), Mumbo Island (Malawi, native), Nakantenga Island (Malawi, native), Namalenje Island (Malawi, undefined), Nankoma Island (Malawi, native), Nkanda (Tanzania, undefined), Nkhudzi Headland (Malawi, native), Otter Island (Malawi, native), Pombo Rocks (Tanzania, native), Taiwanee Reef (Mozambique, native), Thumbi East Island (Malawi, native), Thumbi West Island (Malawi, native), Tsano Rock (Malawi, native), Zimbawe Rock (Malawi, native).

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