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Taiwan Reef

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Hello Pam,I m Alexander from Corfu Greece and welcome I found you!
I have 400lt aquarium with 30 Saulosi Taiwan Reef F2 and F3,I want to put someone pair of Haps, only from Taiwan Reef that I found from this place is
Sciaenochromis fryeri (what colour must to be the down fin before tail from taiwan reef) yellow or red?
Protomelas Steveni
Copadichromis yellow

Is it posible to tell me a few ather Haps from this Reef,and what colour must be have?because i found some of them,but the colour is different.

Sorry for my English!i use half translate from Google and half mine :D i hope to understand me!

Many thanks
Friendly Alexander
Pam Chin
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Re: Taiwan Reef

Post by Pam Chin »

Hi Alexander,

I think that is pretty neat that you want to do a Taiwanee Reef tank. Listed below are all the species found at Taiwanee Reef. Of course a few of these are too big to keep with Chindongo saulosi. This is the new scientific name for saulosi.

Buccochromis heterotaenia (Trewavas, 1935), native (Konings, 2006)
Chindongo saulosi (Konings, 1990), type locality (Konings, 1990)
Copadichromis borleyi (Iles, 1960), native (Konings, 2006)
Copadichromis jacksoni (Iles, 1960), native (Konings, 2006)
Copadichromis nkatae (Iles, 1960), endemic (Konings, 2006)
Copadichromis sp. 'quadrimaculatus yellow' , native
Copadichromis sp. 'taiwan yellow' , endemic (Konings, 2006)
Copadichromis trimaculatus (Iles, 1960), native (Konings, 2006)
Copadichromis virginalis (Iles, 1960), native (Konings, 2006)
Cynotilapia chilundu Li, Konings & Stauffer, 2016, type locality (Li et al, 2016)
Cynotilapia sp. 'ndumbi' , native (Konings, 2006)
Genyochromis mento Trewavas, 1935, native (Konings, 2006)
Labeotropheus trewavasae Fryer, 1956, native (Konings, 2006)
Melanochromis melanopterus Trewavas, 1935, native (Konings, 2006)
Metriaclima sp. 'aggressive bars' , native (Konings, 2006)
Metriaclima sp. 'taiwan' , endemic (Konings, 2006)
Metriaclima zebra (Boulenger, 1899), native (Konings, 2006)
Naevochromis chrysogaster (Trewavas, 1935), native (Konings, 2006)
Nimbochromis linni (Burgess & Axelrod, 1975), native (Konings, 2006)
Nimbochromis polystigma (Regan, 1922), native (Konings, 2006)
Petrotilapia palingnathos Lundeba, Stauffer & Konings, 2011, native (Konings, 2006)
Petrotilapia sp. 'likoma barred' , native (Konings, 2006)
Placidochromis milomo Oliver, 1989, native (Konings, 2006)
Protomelas sp. 'steveni taiwan' , undefined
Rhamphochromis esox (Boulenger, 1908), native (Konings, 2006)
Rhamphochromis woodi Regan, 1922, native (Konings, 2006)
Sciaenochromis ahli (Trewavas, 1935), native (Konings, 2006)
Sciaenochromis fryeri Konings, 1993, native (Konings, 2006)
Spathodus erythrodon Boulenger, 1900, type locality
Tropheops sp. 'taiwan' , endemic (Konings, 2006)
Tyrannochromis nigriventer Eccles, 1989, native (Konings, 2006)

I would say the fryeri from Taiwanee Reef is more orange than red. But a lot of this is based on diet. Often there is no difference between species from different sites.

If you access to any of Ad Konings books you can see what the species look like from this location. Also the Cichlid Room Companion has localties documented by photo's of a lot of these. Of course Protomelas sp. 'steveni taiwan' is one of the more popular ones that we see in the hobby.

Cichlid Room Companion

Malawi Cichlids In Their Natural Habitat by Ad Konings

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