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Stocking Strategy

Post by agryman »

Hello Pam,

I have a doubt regarding Malawi peacocks, I hope you can give me your opinion/suggestion.

I'm starting to stock a new tank, it is 4.92 ft long by 1.64 width by 1.64 tall.

I'm thinking of adding only females first, and then the males (one by one, I wish I can afford to buy a group :D ). Do you think that it will work fine?

I'm guessing that growing the population before the males arrive should work to handle the aggression correctly.

Thanks and regards from Costa Rica
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Re: Stocking Strategy

Post by Pam Chin »

Hi Agryman,

I think it is better to add all at one time, then they are all on equal ground. It can be impossible to add one fish at a time, because everyone else is established and they gang up will pick on anyone new.

If you are worried about the females, then be sure to provide them plenty of cover. Your tank is beautiful, but there is not any place that someone can get totally away. You need a bundle of PVC pipe, it will fit behind a rock, and provide cover for many fish.

Sometimes it can be the roll of the dice, if you have one male that continually hits on other fish, it may need to be removed. The next will come up in the pecking order and hopefully not as aggressive.

Also make sure your tank is cool, no more than 76 Degrees F. Lower temps lessen aggression. Growing your fish all up together is better too, they learn to tolerate each other more.

Looks like an awesome tank in the making!
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