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Aulonocara Food

Post by agryman »

Hello Pam,

I used to have discus, and I still have some food left such as:

Cobalt - Discus Hans Flakes
Hikari - Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms
New Life Spectrum - Discus Formula
Zoo Med's - Plankton Fish Food Flakes

Do you think I can use that food to feed my Aulonocaras?

Thanks and regards!

Pam Chin
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Re: Aulonocara Food

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Hi Agryman,

I think a variety of foods are always best. These foods that you have listed should be fine for Aulonocara. Aulonocara do best on a basic cichlid flake. They love treats of worms, shrimp, krill etc. I don't feed treats everyday, but a couple of times a weed should be fine. The flakes and NLS pellets should be good for a basic diet.

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