Calming the Bream

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Calming the Bream

Post by BreeL »

I have a wc group of Chilitilapia Rhoadesii. Purchased as 1m 3 f . 3 confirmed females vent, the last one looks female could be male still. Supplier mentioned wait a little bit as they are still young. None show color, show same shape anal fin.
My issue is I am having trouble housing them and I'm not sure if its because of not having a big enough group or potentially not having a male .

I had to remove one female. The smallest one (about 4" )as she only has sight from one eye which led to a huge disadvantage in tank. I would like to get her back in to the tank with the rest, but need ( or hope ) to figure out the aggression issue with the other 3.

The other 3, they are housed in a 6 foot long tank 2 other groups (5 per group))and a couple fish that are in grow out. (A temporary set up which is coming to an end next weekend as my other tank repairs are nearly complete) But I do think the busy tank is helping break up the aggression with the rhoasesii.
The issue-I end of having one Rhoadesii being dominant, the other 2 are always at end each of the tank either in the top corner or hiding behind a rock or in a cave. The chasing seems relentless. The two sub dom fish are always breathing very heavy and seem so stressed. All the time. Injury with the fish is not nipped fins, but more body damage from slamming into rock/decor. One has an injury on the top of head from being chased up and hitting her head on the tank top. I am sure I would of lost one right out of the tank with out secure lids! If I were to remove that dominant fish into a breeder net to give the other two a break, the next dominant one tanks over but the tank is more peaceful . Two only in tank, they seem to each tank a side and the whole tank is much calmer. But as soon as I put the third in its all chaotic again. And the new dominant fish ( the one assumed the top position when the 3rd was separated) takes over the harassing roll. So the aggression doesn't seem to be just one particular fish.
I would love any suggestions . This is not a display tank, Ive included lots of rock and pipes for hiding. I probably need to improve my numbers of Rhoadesii as well. How many rhoadesii should I aim for in this tank?
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Re: Calming the Bream

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Here's hoping I can help you out while Pam is enjoying her Africa trip!

Personally, I would redecorate your tank. You need to break up the line of sight for these guys it seems. In the wild they are found in large schools, so adding more rhoadesii should also help. I am sure that's not the quickest solution for you right now though. If you can I would try and rearrange your decor so that you have 2-3 decent size piles of rocks/tubes, etc. I assume the tubes are big enough for them to go through. I might also suggest some large clay pots with the open ends facing in different directions scattered throughout the tank. Maybe make the piles so the fish can swim around them. You don't want a spot where they can be trapped and hurt. Please let us know if this works out for you.
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