Different L.caeruleus "Kakusa"& "Mbowe variety??

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Different L.caeruleus "Kakusa"& "Mbowe variety??

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Hi everyone! :)

I am Malawi fan,and I have one interesting question for you; Which is a different of two L.caeruleus "yellow" geovariety- "Mbowe" and "Kakusa" in natural habitat?? I don't looked any difference in these two types... I also looked that in the Koning's book "Malawi cichlids in their natural habitat" 4th edition,and I don't see ANY different...

Thank's for answer! :)
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Re: Different L.caeruleus "Kakusa"& "Mbowe variety??

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They are all Labidochromis caeruleus. There is some variation between the location sites. I see several differences between the kakusa and mbowe populations in the Konings book, 5th edition, on page 143. Consider the pectoral fins in the kakusa; there is no black coloration and the black in the anal fin is not as distinct either. The black band in the dorsal appears larger/deeper on the mbowe than the kakusa. It may seem minor but they are differences.

This holds true of with most cichlids, there are usually minor differences between the geographical locations.

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