metricliama chilumba mdoka

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metricliama chilumba mdoka

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hi, new to this forum but was wondering if anyone has kept metricliama chilumba mdoka because i ordered a wild caught group and just wondering how these zebras compare to all the other ones.Thanks for any info ahead of time.
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Re: metricliama chilumba mdoka

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Hi Daryl,

The current scientific name is: Metriaclima fainzilberi

This is really a beauty and their colors are spectacular! It is your typical mbuna, as far as maintenance, diet and breeding. They are a harem spawner so having a group (6-8) is essential. They are on the larger size for mbuna, so it is important that they are in at least a 55 gal tank, larger would be better.

They can be very personable too, and should swim fast to the glass at feeding time. A vegetable type diet is the best, while they will eat anything offered, it is better to keep them on a veggie flake or pellet. Seaweed paper, algae wafers and zucchinni are good treats.

Have fun with them!
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