Blue Neon peacock scientific name

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Blue Neon peacock scientific name

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Hi Pam! - I'm a member of The Cichlid Room Companion. It occurred to me to ask you to clarify the scientific name of the Blue Neon peacock. I have seen multiple names listed for the fish often enough to make me wonder if there are actually two peacocks referred to as Blue Neon. Do you have any insight on the scientific name for the peacock often referred to as the Blue Neon. I did a short search and didn't find anything but perhaps I haven't searched the forum enough.

Thanks in advance.
Pam Chin
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Re: Blue Neon peacock scientific name

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Hi jwrivendell,

Blue Neon is really a common name and there are many blue and yellow peacocks that it could apply to. But I think the when I hear Blue Neon, I think of Aulonocara stuartgranti undu reef. All of these peacocks that are purebred have a scientific name, and knowing that can help you get info faster.

Follow this link below and it will take you to all the pictures on CRC for Aulonocara stuartgranti by collection site. Undu Reef is way down at the bottom so you will have scroll, but as you do, check out all the different blue and yellows just in this one species. ... es#content

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