Lithobates Zimbabwe Rock

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Lithobates Zimbabwe Rock

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I have some baby Lithobates Zimbabwe Rock. Some of them are 3/4 inch long. My question is is it possible to differentiate them into males and females?

Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 11.23.14 PM.jpg
Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 11.22.54 PM.jpg
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Re: Lithobates Zimbabwe Rock

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Sorry, they are really too small to be able to sex. But the good news is... They grow pretty fast, and if you watch them everyday, sometimes you can tell who the males are. Once a male starts to show their color, remove them to another tank. Then the next male will come forward, and you can keep doing that until, no more males come forward. And that is a pretty accurate and pretty easy way to sex them.

Look at their fins too! Use the typical cichlid clues that can help you also. Like males typically have longer fins, more attitude and maybe a bit larger. While the females fins maybe more blunt.

Lithobates are a fun one to work with!
Good Luck with them!

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