Switching from sump to canister filter question

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Switching from sump to canister filter question

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Dealing with mechanical issues(leaks, cracks, pump failures) I want to switch from my ancient trickle filter to a modern canister filter. I really like the Fluval FX4,5 or 6. They look to easy to clean and somewhat maintenance free. My tank is a 135G cichlid tank. I have a mix of over 20 full grown yellows, blues, rusties, red dragons, cobues, and about 15 babies growing fast.
My question is when I do the switch is it easy as pulling the sump and installing the canister, or do I need to do some sort of break-in period. Maybe running both for a short time? Thx
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Re: Switching from sump to canister filter question

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Hi Howieb4,

I am not a filtration expert by any means, but I think it is best to run your new filter say a month or so, to insure that it is seeded properly.

I don't have any of these larger canister filters running so I can't give you any personal experience, but I have heard good things about them. It just a different method of filtration, one thing to consider is that it might raise your water temp a little.

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