exLamprologus brevis/Neolamprologus pulcher-brichardi Questions

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exLamprologus brevis/Neolamprologus pulcher-brichardi Questions

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Hi Pam!

I’m getting back into Africans after a long hiatus. I have 2 questions that I hope you can shed light on.

I currently have 4 - exLamprologus in a 10g. I’m old school so I like to have odd numbers. Would it be ok to add 3 more brevis to my setup? My tank has caves and a plethora of shells. This tank gets weekly 30% water changes. I’m running 2 Aquaclear minis on this tank as well.

Secondly, I’m very interested in Neolamprologus brichardi and/or pulcher. Can you shed light on the status of this species? Are they 2 separate species or is it 1 species? I’d like to know what I’m buying. I still see sellers with “both” fish on their lists.



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Re: exLamprologus brevis/Neolamprologus pulcher-brichardi Questions

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Hi Jeff,

Oh dear, you don't say what exlamprologus you are keeping? There are quite a few out there. However, the size of your tank is quite small, so I don't think I would add any tank mates at this point.

Neolamprologus pulcher is the correct scientific name these days. All brichardi are really pulcher now. But they are still fairly easy to tell apart because each geographic location has a little different cheek marking. Learn your cheek marks and you will be able to ID them easily. They are a colony spawner, so you purchase 6 - 8 and probably a minimum 55 gal tank, and they will spawn, form a group and have a pecking order, it is fascinating to watch. Sellers should be able to provide you a collection site, and you can look it up.

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