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Lake Tanganyika Biotope

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I am researching the stock for my 240 gallon take and I want to make it a Lake Tanganyika Biotope tank. I have been looking for resources on this and haven't found anything specific yet. I have Ad Konings book, Tanganyika Cichlids in their natural habitat, so I will read through that but I am hoping to find more information here. As far as the style I am interested in a more community style versus single species such as only Frontosas or only Tropheus.
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Re: Lake Tanganyika Biotope

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Hi Andrew,

Biotope tanks are popular right now. Lots of people follow this contest, where people assemble these unbelievable tanks for a variety of fish, not just cichlids. Check it out!

I think it should kinda go like this. You have a list of target fish, you want a few fish on the list, because it is going to boil down to what you can find available. Once you find your fish, then you go with their collection point as your biotope. So say they are from Kasakalawe, you can research that area, and find other species that also found there, and if you find a compatible fish then you can build on your community. Pick your Target Fish/Main Fish and then you build your tank around them.

If you are interested in seeing underwater video of Lake Tanganyika, personally I have over 100+ videos of the Shallow Rocky habitat of Lake Tanganyika from Zambia north to Kigoma. Check that out! Besides me there is quite a bit of underwater vids from the Lake. ... URDYnO2WCg

Hope this helps!
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