Altolamprologus Compresiceps

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Altolamprologus Compresiceps

Post by portugalc »

I plan to keep Altolamprologus Compresiceps with Cyphotilapia Frontosa and Placidochromis Phenochilus. I would kindly ask you few questions regarding them before I put my final order.

What is the difference between Altolamprologus Compresiceps Fire fin vs Red fin?
What is the difference between Altolamprologus Compresiceps Chaitika and Gold?
At what size sex can be determined?
I heard it is possible to keep Altolamprologus Compresiceps in harem. How many I need for harem and what would be best ratio for harem?

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Re: Altolamprologus Compresiceps

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Hi Portugalc,

Unfortunatley I have no idea how big your tank is....

I don't think it is wise to mix Malawi cichlids with Tanganyika cichlids, so I would discourage this.

And I can't recommend keeping frontosa with compressiceps. Size is an issue, at some point the frontosa is going to be big enough to eat the compressiceps

Compressiceps are quite shy, and as ambush predators they really prefer a lot of rockwork. Frontosa are used to open water, and don't know how to get around the rocks without beating themselves up. Compressiceps are very slow at coming out and eating, and the frontosa will eat all the food, and so they just don't do well together.

It is possible to breed compressiceps in harem style but they will need a species only tank, I think a minimum of 8 - 12 fish, minimum 100 gallons.

Be aware that names with colors are always disappointing. fire fin, red fin, orange fin, these are all common descriptions by people who can't tell the difference between yellow, orange and red. You really want to know the collection site, and then you are going to be able to find a picture of it on line.

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