xenotilapia papilio tembwe

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xenotilapia papilio tembwe

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hi pam,

i like xenotilapia and i have a question. maybe you can help me please. I know that x.flavipinis do seperate after a few breeds. Also x. spilopterus does. do you now if x. papilio tembwe does. i have read they seperate and i have read that they stay together for ever. And do you know if one of these species seperate in tank, will they form a pair again?


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Re: xenotilapia papilio tembwe

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Hi Paul,

It don't think that the Xeno's; flavipinnis & spilopterus, pair up for life in the wild. When they are spawning there are many pairs spawning in the same area, and they are not sure if they spawn seasonaly; or year round, because, in these off times, they can school up in large groups and pairs seem to be undefined. Aquarists have reported that single pairs with a territory to defend, i.e., in a community setting, bonding seems stronger, and they aren't leaving each other, since there is no competition if they are the only fish. However aggression has been observed over time, and just when you think you have a pair it can turn into a disaster.

X. papilio is a little different, the pairs territory is on the rocks and they seem to stick together longer, but I don't know of any studies that prove they do.

I think it is hit or miss, you might have a good pair for a while, but the bond is not as strong as many of the substrate spawners; Neolamprolous.

They are sweet little fish!

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