Pundamilia nyererei fry....

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Jim in Michiana
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Pundamilia nyererei fry....

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Just had one of my females spit about 20 fry. I'm new to breeding Africans, and have a few questions. I seperated the mother when I noticed her "holding".... about 2 weeks ago..... I placed her in a bare bottomed 10g with 2 softball sized rocks and a sponge filter. Today I noticed 20+ fry in the tank that she quickly gathered back into her mouth when she became aware of my attention. My question is... how long should I leave the mother in the tank with the fry ? I will be feeding newly hatched brine in the near future for the fry. Should I resume giving her "regular" food to regain her strength, or should I wait a while, or should I just return her to the colony tank?

It's so kind of you to answer all my questions. I really do appreciate it. Thanks, Jim
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Re: Pundamilia nyererei fry....

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Hi Jim,

Since these females generally don't eat anything or very little while holding they are usually pretty hungry. Most people like to separate the female as soon as she releases, since you never really know when she could turn on her on fry. Some females will pick the fry back up, and do a little parenting, while others will spit, turn around and begin to lunch down. Anything is possible. If you are returning the female to a tank where she can find some cover and is not going to be harassed by males, you can put her back in the main tank. If you think she needs a TLC and you don't have a large group of fish, you may want to isolate her for a week or so to get her back in good shape.

Once the fry are able to freeswim you want to start feeding freshly hatched baby brine.

Congrats on the spawn!!!!!

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