At risk Victorians

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At risk Victorians

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Hi Pam,

Just got internet at our new house. I like you idea of caring for some at risk species of Victorians. I just subscribed to this site and am delighted to get that book in the deal!

I have googled Victorians at risk or endangered. Do you have a suggestion on where to look.

I also like to keep my tank understocked. Is that going to be a problem with semi-aggressive fish. I have heard that you need to overstock some species to temper aggression.

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Re: At risk Victorians

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There are a couple of sites that will have some Vic info for you. You want to be careful, and make sure you buy your stock from a reliable source.

Hang out on these sites:

You will pick up on who has what, where it is from, whether it is thought to be extinct or at risk, etc.

These fish are group fish, they do better in groups. So instead of having 20 different fish in your tank, you have 20 of the same thing, so your bioload should be okay. Also when you typically get these fish from a breeder they are not full grown, they will be juviniles and you get to watch them grow up, so there shouldn't be a immediate overload on your tank filter. They also are fairly easy to breed, and this is an excellent fish to work with, you can gain a lot of skills of how to work with mouthbrooder, when you work with a group like this. And once you have it all figured out, you can pretty much apply the same tactics with all mouthbrooders.

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