Mbipia cf Lutea tank

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Mbipia cf Lutea tank

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Hi Pam, I know you have bare bottom tanks....

I have set up my 55 g getting ready for my 10 un-sexed fry to grow out and eventually breed. I know they are rock dwellers.

I have 1+ inch of almost black play sand and plan to just have a few clay pots on the bottom. I also plan to add plant except that i will plant them in clay pots and then place them in the tank.

I like the bare look...will the Mbipia do alright?
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Re: Mbipia cf Lutea tank

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Nice!!! That is a fun one to keep!

Looks like you have done your research and you are on the right track. They should do fine. Once they become sexually mature, you may need a little more cover for your females.

Sounds like a nice tank in the making!

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