New line to be added to species tank

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New line to be added to species tank

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Hi Pam!

I have 5 (now called) hap sf spot bar yala swamp in my 55 g that are nearly 3 inches long and peaceful with each other. I have an opportunity to get 5 to 7 more of the same species but a different line...given the way my tank is set up with pots and plants, can I introduce the new fish with success...I ask this because when my male krib died and I put in a new one, the female killed it in one day after a 14 hour dark period.

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Re: New line to be added to species tank

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Hey Leo!

Dang, sorry about your troubles with the Kribs.

I don't think you will have any problem when you add that many fish to your Vic tank. If it was one or two fish, they could get singled out. But when you add 6+ fish, that alone will shake up the territories enough and everyone should be able to get a new territory with no issues.

Just make sure you are indeed getting the same Vic. There is as lot of stuff going around that is labeled wrong.

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