hap sf crossbar yala swamp

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hap sf crossbar yala swamp

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Hey Pam, When I got home last night, my male, under 3 inches was dead. I did notice for the last week he kept to his pot a lot and did not venture out to each much when I was feeding the tank. I feed nls and peas. He was not breathing hard or were the females chasing him around when he did come out. My water parameters were okay, 0 ammo, 0 NitrItes, and under 40 NitrAtes which is a little high but this level is new to the tank. I do a 50% water change every 5 days. It is a 55 g with a dozen or so plants in pots and anaciris floating about. Would the high NitrAtes kill the male? Anyway, the females are over 2 inches, I have four of them, and plan on getting around 6 one inches to see if I can get a male...do you think that will work?
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Re: hap sf crossbar yala swamp

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HI Aspencer,

I am so sorry to hear that. It is really hard to figure out what happened, it sounds like you are doing everything perfect. I think getting some youngsters and adding them with your females is a great idea. The odds are heavily in your favor that you should get a male or two. Don't beat your self up too bad over this loss, it happens to all of us. Its just going to be a bit of set back, but you are already back on the right track.

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