Flameback tank set up

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Flameback tank set up

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Hey pam i need some better advice from you if you dont mind. On setting up my tank for the kyoga flamebacks do you by chance have any pictures of other tanks that have been done of just a species tank of them? Im thinking about building a background for them and need an idea on what kind to make. Also i was told they need caves for the females to hide in if a male is harrassing one to much and for males to claim as their territory... Any thoughts or help?
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Re: Flameback tank set up

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Are you stalking me?? lol

Are you thinking about making a 3D background for the inside of your tank? Will consider that is going to cut your tank down about 1/3. A 55 is already marginal, a 3-D background and you are going to end up with 20 gals of water! Which isn't going to cut if for the species you have chosen.

No one has done in photography in the Lake Victoria in years so I don't know if anyone knows exactly how it should be. You might want to check out the HIll Country Cichlid Club, there are several keepers of Victorians over there, and they may be able to shed some light on how they would do a biotope tank.


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