White Kyoga Flameback fry!!

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White Kyoga Flameback fry!!

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One of my kyoga flamebacks released her fry the other day afterwards so I removed them to a smaller tank to raise them. Anyway, I noticed that there are four or five of the fry that are white. They are fully developed like the others and eating baby brine shrimp. I never heard of albino kyoga flamebacks before though, Pam do you have any ideas?
Thanks for the help.

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Re: White Kyoga Flameback fry!!

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It can happen, albinos do occur naturally, but they are easy targets for predators and rarely survive. You will have to raise them up to see if they are really albino. The first thing you want to look at is their eyes, they have to red if they are albino's. The other thought would be it is a deformity of the pigment, and maybe a fish you would want to cull.

So lets wait see how they look as they get larger.

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