Breeding Jewels?

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Breeding Jewels?

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I'm not sure if this question is in the right secton but I was wondering how to breed these fish and how to sex them aswell? Also what would you suggest be better breeding Jewels or Jacks?
matthew penney
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Hi Matt,

Jewels are Hemichromis, they are from West Africa. There are several different species, and they vary in size. Actually Jack Dempsey's and Jewels are similar in their reproduction behavior. Like most substrate spawners, it is best to get about 6 juveniles and let them pair off naturally. Once you are sure you have a pair, you can either take the eggs away and raise them yourself, or let the parents take care of them, and if you want the maximum amount of fry the best thing to do is to remove the fry before the freeswim.
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