Can you help ID this species?

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Can you help ID this species?

Post by riftlake73 » ... f515?i=159

I purchased these at the LFS as crimson tide. As you can see it is not a crimson tide and I am reminded why I don't buy Victorians at the LFS. :cry:

I think it might be a type of Paralabidichromis, but I could be way off. Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated.

Pam, thanks for such a great web site!
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Post by Pam Chin »

Hi Riftlake,

Dang, it won't let me in to see the picture. See if you can post the pic here:

Under the victorian section. The guys moderating really know what is going around out there, and I am sure they will be able to tell you.

Sadly there are many vic's going around that are the same, but have a variety of man made names!
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