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Ezra Boston
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Pam, I currently have had a 55 gal. Mbuna theme tank up and running for about a year now and everything has gone well with only the occasional Ps. Demasoni chase around, (M. Johanni is king tho)

In reference to setting up a new 8 fish - 55 gal. Peacock & Friends theme tank (Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" (Taiwanee Reef) and various other compatible friends), I've noticed that my Labidochromis caeruleus is fairly mild mannered and tries to avoid conflict with everyone.

Q1: Do you think that this L. Caeruleus can go into this tank without causing problems for others?

Q2: If so, do you think this bright yellow will keep a Aulonocara baenschi (Sunshine pea.) from displaying it's yellow color?

I'm looking at getting the following 8 fish in the tank with a few hiding places but more swimming area than the Mbuna tank. In addition, I have good filtration and do about 40-45% water change per week, stable 7.9-8 Ph level, cycled tank on start-up, etc. etc. I know about the cross-breeding issue and it's not a concern to me due to aquarium being for personal pleasure only.

Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan"
C. Boryeli
Aulonocara baenschi or L. caeruleus
Aulonocara jacobfreibergi (Otter Pt.)
A. hansbaenschi or A. stuargranti (Ngara)
--- female
--- female
--- female

Q3: Do you see any obvious problems with the above tank partners ?
Q4: Does it matter what females of the above I add ??

Thank you so much for your thots on the matter. I sincerely appreciate and respect your feeback on the issues.

Thanks again Pam.

Pam Chin
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Hi Ezra,

Yes you can put Labidochromis caeruleus in with peacocks and haps, they should do fine. However, I think you will be better off doing all male peacocks & haps then adding any females. First off you will have a high chance of cross breeding going on with multiple females, second the females are a lovely battle ship grey! lol So, if you are looking for lots of good color, going all male is the best option, this will give you all color, and no females means there is nothing to fight over.

Option #2, if you are trying to breed the peacocks, then you can only have one speices, but also beaware that peacocks will cross with haps. Remember these fish are group fish, you could consider doing 4 - 6 Labidochromis and 4 - 6 of one species of haps or peacock, mixed sex. Then you have two groups of fish in one tank!

I know decisions, decisions!!

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