West African - Steatocranus casuarius

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West African - Steatocranus casuarius

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Hi Pam

I am interested in breeding Steatocranus casurius. I am unable to find a
lot of information on breeding. If you could provide some insite or a web page with relevant info it would be much appreciated. What are the water requirements are they hard or easy that sought of stuff.

David Mills
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Post by Juan Artigas »

Hi David,

Steatocranus casuarius is a neat fish, most of the information on them has been written by other hobbyists, usually for their club publications. I would think by doing a search using the scientific name on just about any engine would provide you a few of these.

I think it is best to buy them as juveniles and raise them up together and let them pair off naturally. If your tank is large enough, you may even get multiple pairs in one tank. Planned marriages rarely work.

Water conditions don't seem to be too critical, of course the cleaner the water the better, with a neutural pH, or a little on the acid side 6.5-6.8 is what seems to be most desireable. They prefer to spawn in caves, so inverted flower pots work well, apparently having only one small entry is critical, and pots that are laid on their sides are not as welcome. You may want to breakout the hole in the bottom, to accomodate the entry of both the male and the female.

Both parents will protect the fry, and have been observed by hobbyists to actually feed their fry, by spitting mouthfuls of food into the fry's area. Live foods will certainly help get them in the mood, and tubifex worms, as well as live adult brine are relished. The fry can easily eat freshly hatched baby brine at the time they begin to free swim.

The males and the females get the hump on the head, the male first, but as they both grow older their humps will get larger, and I have seen pictures in old aquarium books where it was incredible!!! This type of feature just adds to their personality.

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