Tilapia Buttikoferi Diet?

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Tilapia Buttikoferi Diet?

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Hey Pam,

I recently purchased a 1" Butt, and am growing it out in a 33 gallon at the moment and then moving it up to m 75 gallon as it gets bulked up a little. It is feeding great, eating everything I drop in there, but I'm wondering to what vegetable matter I could feed it? I was hoping on getting another to grow out, but I have a feeling it might not work out too well as the ones at the store are not growing near as fast and as you know Butts aren't very friendly.

matthew penney
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Re: Tilapia Buttikoferi Diet?

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Hi Matt,

Yes they are documented as plant eaters. But they will eat most anything that will fit in their mouths. When the fish are to large to eat, then they like play ping pong with them! But a fun cichlid no less! What is the impact of feeding a vegetarian high protein, well at some point it will catch up to you. Anything from intestinal issues to fatty liver disease.

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