No crossing?

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No crossing?

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I have some P. Pulcher I have had for three generations..many hundreds of strong(I think beautiful), well finned fish, but not a single tailspot. I love multiple tailspots. They were sold to me as F-1 here in Florida. I considered getting a strain of Pelvachromis with strong spot are saying no. Occelotus and another genus was what I mean. But should I just buy a spotted P. Pulcher?
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Re: No crossing?

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Hi Captain!

I think the bottom line is that if you want to try adding some new stock in to your strain, to see if you can bring out the tail spots then go for it. It is all about your level of fish guilt! lol Some people have so much guilt that they don't approve of line breeding. And of course crossing two different species is a big no no, but line breeding is more accepted. So yes you could add new stock, or you could buy a pair of fish with better tail markings and cross it in if you like or keep that strain going.

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