LOTS OF QUESTIONS 2 (african cichlids)

Q&A about cichlids from Africa other than from the rift lakes

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LOTS OF QUESTIONS 2 (african cichlids)

Post by lockwood »

hi, its Candace again! guess I'm posting to the right area this time.

ok, so I don't know if she's pregnant, or what to call it, but yes it looks like she is holding her eggs in her mouth. she looks to have a "double chin" and it seems to be bigger daily.

I have a picture of a cichlid that looks identical to her, but don't know how to get it to you.

all of the fish are quite large; as fish go.. how do I tell who's male/female.

pleeeease help!
thanks. :D [/img][/url]
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Hi Candance,

Can you put the picture on the internet anywhere, and then just give me the link.

At this point, since I don't know what species we are talking about. The female is the one that is holding the eggs! <grin>

You also want to make sure that she bred with the same species, crosses are frowned upon, and so it would be best to just let her spit in the tank if that is the case.
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