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Help please

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Hi I am 13 years old and from South Africa. I am new to keeping Cichlids in genaral. I receantly purchased a pair of Jewel fish. I would like to know whether a 10 gallon tank is sufficiant for then or whether i should put them in a larger tank. They are still rather small 1-2 inches and are in the tank alone. I have been feeding them bloodworm and figured that if they wanted any plant matter they would eat the plants. Any advice on feeding and any other info. I also wanted to know how to tell the differant sexes.

Thanks. :D
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Hi William,

Jewel fish are in the genus Hemichromis, so do a search on the latin name and you should be able to identify the species that you have. The differences between the species is sometimes difficult, but you can use the typical cichlid clues, and somtimes figure it out through the process of elimination. Males will be a bit larger, more colorful and have longer more pointed fins, while females maybe a tad smaller, the color is not quite as intense, may be more timid, and the fins are not as long and are blunt/rounded. They should be okay for a little while in the 10 gal tank, but you will want to get a larger tank soon.

Blood worms are quite rich, and although they probably love them, a good cichlid staple food that is flake or pellet will be fine. And then use the bloodworms for treats once a week or so.

Feeding a diet with more shrimp in it may help increase their color, krill, daphnia, are also good.

They are fun to keep!
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