Please help AGAIN!!!!!

Q&A about cichlids from Africa other than from the rift lakes

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Please help AGAIN!!!!!

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I did some reserch and found that my fish was a Hemichromis cf. letourneauxi but could not find out anything else. Coulod you please help with a little bit of info. I was looking for size and ext.
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Hi William,

I am on my way out the door.... I am off to Malawi for a few weeks to look at cichlids.
See if you can find some more info at this site.

Any information that you can find about Hemichromis will give you tips and clues on how to take care of yours, as most are pretty similar.

If you still need info, I would be glad to help you when I get back. Leave me a message after 10/25. Thanks!!!!!

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