Teleocichla proselytus

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Teleocichla proselytus

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I have currently 12 day old fry with my pair, I can't find any previous breeding records how do I find out if these have been bred before many thanks

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Re: Teleocichla proselytus

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HI Ali,

Congrats on the spawn! Teleocichla proselytus is a very cool fish from South America. Because it has been around a while, it was described by Kullander in 1988, I am sure it has been bred before. Since this is probably considered rare in the hobby, it is still a feather in your cap!

I would be great if you could write an article about your experience spawning this cichlid, I am sure everyone would like to hear about it. If you don't belong to a club that has a publication, try joining a regional or national club, they are always looking for articles on interesting cichlids.

Unfortunately there is no master list of what fish in the hobby have been spawned, but Breeders Award Programs are big in the clubs, there are very few cichlids that have eluded these master breeders.

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