Chaetobranchus Flaviscens

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Chaetobranchus Flaviscens

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Hello Pam, I know these South American Cichlids are rare in the hobby. Are they semi aggressive and what should they be fed while in captivity?
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Re: Chaetobranchus Flaviscens

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Hi hiplecoman,

Chaetobranchus flavescens sounds like a fun one to work with. They do get fairly large, 7+ inches or so, and as you have probably noticed they have a large mouth. The good news is they are a filter feeder and by providing plankton type foods it will increase your success with this species.

If you can get a culture of daphnia, that would be a really good source of protein for them. Check with your local fish club and see if you can get a culture from another fish keeper. In lieu of daphnia, freeze dried foods may work; mysis shrimp, plankton, krill, etc. They would probably love live adult brine shrimp, but keep in mind that they have no nutritional value, so great as treat, but you will need to feed other foods; live, frozen or freeze dried.

There is not a lot info about this fish in the hobby that I could find, but it seems as if food is certainly an issue when keeping this fish. Some have reported being able to get them pellets, which would certainly make things easier.

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