Geophagus sveni food

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Geophagus sveni food

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I haven't kept cichlids for a long time and I don't know what foods on the market are favored. My Geophagus sveni started out at about 3/4" when purchased and are now 3.5" - raised them mostly on NorthFin BUGPRO and frozen mysis. I bought some NorthFin "Krill Pro" pellets and they won't touch it even after denying them anything else for 3 days.

Need recommendations on pellet food for adult maintenance and color.

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Re: Geophagus sveni food

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Hi jrj,

Oh those Geophagus sveni are so beautiful, I am sure you are enjoying them!

And they are living the high life, with such wonderful treats a bug pro' and mysis! Why would you eat a pellet after that? Its going to take more than 3 days to get them to change over. Fish can go a long time without eating, and they will totally hold out until you give in! Maybe even up to a month?

Sometime you can soak the pellets, or add some garlic juice to the soaked pellets. Other options might be trying flake foods.

Good Luck!
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