German Blue Ram Fry

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German Blue Ram Fry

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I have now gotten two spawns to the wiggler / free swim stage. Both sets...maybe 100 to 150 fry in each started to begin sparodic free swimming and then within a day or two ALL died. In both cases, I took the eggs out of the spawning tank and into a 2.5gal tank with small sponge filter. PH of about 6.5 almost pure RO water and temp about 82. I used 4 or 5 drops of methelyne blue for fungus. Again, both times all the eggs hatched and a few days later they started to bump around on the bottom. After a day or so I then tried to feed Hiraki First Bites. Next day I did a 20% water change and a day or two later all dead. Should I consider placing a ton of java moss in the hatchery for possible infusiora. How often should I change out the water

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Hi Ken,

Well congrats on getting these fish to spawn that is something special in itself!!! My first reaction is they just didn't get any food they could eat, the are very small, and I just wonder if those first bites are going to work. I think you do need an insuforia, or even freshly hatched baby brine, or vinegar worms, white worms. etc. Some type of food that is incredibly small.

Water changes are debateable if you are overfeeding, and the food is going bad then you will have to do some, but if you have any type of a pH flucuation or temp, you could kill off the fry too.

Don't give up, you are getting close!! hang in there, find some smaller foods and see if that doesn't work!!!

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