Tank for Gymnos

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Tank for Gymnos

Post by Luky_Lucke »

Hi, I'm Lucas, I've just signed up for this forum and I see that there's lot of knowledge round here. My question is this: I have a tank of 160 liters (42.2 US gallons) and I'd like to dedicate it to South-American cichlids, Nowadays I have 3 Gymnogeophagus australis/meridionalis in another much smaller tank and I will also incorporate some Apistogrammas.
Would you help me to identify these?

I was also wondering what kind of filter would be the most appropriate. I'm planning to use substrate with very fine gravel, big round rocks and plants (Amazon swords, Vallisneria, higróphila, Ceratopteris, etc). Then, I would like to know if I need heating and finally I hope you can give me some of advice for lightning issues.

I hope these are not too many questions for a single post.
Thanks in advance,

Pam Chin
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Re: Tank for Gymnos

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Hi Lucas,

I think Gymnogeophagus are a lot of fun to work with, and meridionalis is a nice one! The can be kept in cooler temps; 70-76 Degrees F. and the pH should be around 6.5. I think the Apisto's are too small to put in with these Gymno's. You need a plan 'B'.

I can't positively ID your picture, sorry. You might try posting it on Cichlidroom Companion Forum and see if you can get some good guesses. You will get a lot more exposure if you post it there.


As far a filtration goes, it really depends on the method you are most comfortable with. Some people like to use cannisters, others like to use Hang on the back types, and either will work, just make sure you have enough. I would use florescent plant bulbs, I think they make your fish look great, and it will keep your plants looking nice too.

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