festae with tank mates

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festae with tank mates

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I have a 240. I would like to keep a male Festae or pair. I do not want a sterile just a pair set-up. I am not interested in breeding. I will do plants wood rock... I want to have tank mates. Arowana, Neon Blue Acara, Filament barbs, rainbow cichlid... I am patient. I am good letting all grow out together... I would like thoughts on best practices... I am a very experienced hobbyist with decades in saltwater, reef, plant tanks and africans.
It would be great to know of any great sources for the livestock. I am in Michigan. Thank you very much!

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Re: festae with tank mates

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Hi livint,

I am just not sure if that is possible. Definitely growing up the fish together certainly helps. They learn to tolerate each other. But, all I can see is a big tank full of mayhem! lol

I suggest you look for people that have maybe done this before, and would have good info tankmates. Most of the forums are gone, and everyone is on facebook, but their pages dedicated to South American Cichlids.

This seems to be a serious group

Also contact AJ at the Festae Factory, is a serious festae keeper, and can probably give you some ideas.

Hope this helps a little!
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