Laetacara araguaiae

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Laetacara araguaiae

Post by haibane »

Hi, I'm looking at setting up at 20G with a pair of Laetacara araguaiae (same sex and not mating).
I am trying to find out what type of plants would be native to their rivers Rio Araguaia (Brazil, native) and Rio Tapajós (Brazil, native).
I really would like to do a small planted tank, and possibly add a couple of small fish with this pair. Any comments on the plants that might be native or other comments?
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Re: Laetacara araguaiae

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Hi Haibane,

I am not very good with plants at all.

I looked around a little and I found this article link below, for a biotope of Rio Tapajos.

Right now biotope tanks are very popular and there are several world wide contests. check out the links below for more ideas.

Good Luck!
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