Shimmy "Fish Shake"

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Mr Aquarium
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Shimmy "Fish Shake"

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Hi Pam,
Hope all is well.

I looked through all the post here and did not see anything on fish shimmy,
I believe is what it's propper name is.

What I have is a Red Zebra and
I noticed here not to far back is was doing this shake thing,
it's not all the time constent, but it does it quite often,
it fins are never out either, always in a clamped type state.
it eats fine and all that
How do I treat for this shimmy?

Thanks for the help once again,
Mr A

Pam Chin
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Re: Shimmy "Fish Shake"

Post by Pam Chin »

Hi Mr. A!

All is good here!

The Shimmy... well that can be several things. It can be a territorial or breeding behavior. If they were scratching it might be ich. Everything else appears to be normal, and the fish is eating, and swimming, and co-habitating with the other tankmates, I think I might refer to it as a quirk! As soon as you think you have everything figured out with fish, they surprise you with some new behavior and/or reaction. Maybe it is something you have just noticed, I guess I am just trying to say that you don't want to panic, but yet you want to keep an eye on it just to make sure it is not an issue. You know your fish better then anyone, since you are looking at them, you don't want start throwing meds at it if nothing is wrong and you just have a fish with a twitch!

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