Many deaths in last few days

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Many deaths in last few days

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Hello Pam:
Was nice seeing you a few months ago in the PCCA meeting.
I have ran into a semi major disaster in the last week or so. My 75gal (established a long time ago with no issues till now) have been having about a death a day for about 2 weeks. It has wiped out all my Met. Zebras (7) and did some damage to a few other species. Lost a total of about 12-14.
No warning, and no foreseen problems. Some fishes look healthy, eat, then die the same day. No fishes are hiding. No bullies (100% sure).
Ammonia =0
PH= 7.5
I do weekly about 50% WC. I am at a loss. I went out this weekend and bought some Tetracycline and added it. Why?--Just to do something. I am at a loss for ideas. Any? Please help.

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Re: Many deaths in last few days

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Hi Kingston,

That is really frustrating. It is so hard to diagnose what it could be. I would suggest taking all the rock, and deco out to make sure no dead bodies are stuck anywhere. Then I would consider a larger water change and maybe twice a week to get thru this.

Then really look at your equipment and make sure everything is running properly and no oil is getting into the water.

Also 12 -14 zebras in a 75 gal tank and you still have fish left, you may have been a bit over crowded.

I wouldn't add any fish until you have this under control.

I hate to recommend any drugs since I am not sure what it could be. The wrong meds can be worse then no meds at all.

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