Green Terror diseased

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Green Terror diseased

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I have a 7- 8 inch green terror and Over the past few days i have noticed 4 small holes in the its head. I have a breeding pair of jack dempseys in the tank that had eggs laid under a rock. At first i thought it might have been poking its head in to try and eat the eggs and the dempseys may have nipped its head. Then 2 days ago i noticed a white root like thing growing out of one of the holes, so i started to treat the tank with protozin. Today i have noticed its right eye is really bulging out of its head as if something is grow under it. i have photos but dont know if or how to post them here. thanks.

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Hi Stevee,

Well it is hard to diagnose fish with out seeing then in person, a picture doesn't really tell the full story. But it does sound like hole in the head to me. Your first step should be to isolate this fish, so you can treat it . You don't want to treat your main tank, the meds are hard on the other fish, and can even kill fry if they are present. Hole In The Head (HITH) is caused from poor water conditions, wrong diet, too small of a tank etc. So you need to look at your setup and maintenance routine, you probably need to beef up on the water changes, or your Dempseys are likely to come down with the same issue.

There is no cure for HITH, if you have caught it in time you can stabilize it and perhaps keep it from getting worse. If it is an advanced case, then you will have to decide when your fish doesn't have the quality of life that it should have and then make the decision to euthanize.

Sorry wish I had better news for you.

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