Cichla Digestive Problems

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Cichla Digestive Problems

Post by croyle »

I am currently keeping a large pair of cichla monos.

I have recently noticed swelling and red atypical coloration around the anus of the female. 3 weeks now.
Also the female's faeces is an unusual shape and is passed in spherical shape chains.

However the fish is still eating well and looks okay?
What are the likely causes of these symptoms, digestive parasites?

Referal to a cichlid expert on digestive tracts? Prof......

Your help is much appreciated.

Concerned Cichla owner.

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Post by Pam Chin »

Hi Croyle,

I hate to medicate fish with out knowing exactly what the problem might be. Digestive problems are common in African Cichlids, but all cichlids can be prone to it. What you have to decide is it a blockage, or a parsite. While it may not be an issue right now, certainly something to keep an eye on. First question would be what are you feeding, perhaps something isn't agreeing with her, consider other foods, maybe vegetable type to help clean out the system.

If not you could isolate and treat with epsom salts which will help aid in digestion, and of course it is good for sore spots. Plenty of water changes, as I think there is nothing better then freshwater to help your fish feel better and enable them to heal themselves. And then last resort I would probably isolate and treat with clout.
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