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Welcome to Ask Pam!

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Today we are opening this new format for the very popular question and answer Ask Pam section. The inspiration for this came as I finally realized I would never be able to catch up with posting the questions Pam replies to each and every single day. Those come from hobbyists around the world needing for help in keeping their cichlids. Those questions have now piled up into thousands in the archive.

I am always amazed with Pam's energy and desire to help people to fully enjoy this hobby as she does, so I decided the questions had to be posted with their answers in real time as Pam is replying to them. Thanks to the cool guys of phpBB this is now possible with the help of this fantastic software, that I hope we can all enjoy.

You can now browse questions and their answers as you need them, or you can search for specific topics with the powerful search function included. If you need to post a question to Pam you can freely register and post it in the proper section, you will then receive an e-mail notification as soon as Pam has replied to it.

Please be respectful with your questions, even if you don't agree with the answers. Pam certainly does not deserve flaming but gratitude. She as you has the right to have her own opinions. She does this with love and unselfishly, to help anybody who desires so in the world.

Remember also that although Pam replies always very soon, she has a full time job, a family and a hobby to take care of, plus she is the editor of Cichlidae Communique, the journal of the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association. She is also a very popular speaker for Cichlid conventions. So it may take some time for her to be able to reply.

Enjoy Ask Pam!
Juan Miguel Artigas Azas
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