Yellow Lab Swimming Patterns


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Yellow Lab Swimming Patterns

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Hi - just this morning I brought home three yellow lab juveniles (first fish in the 55 gallon aquarium).
They seem to be very inquisitive about their new home. I was curious to know if anyone else has witnessed the peculiar swiming patterns that I have seem today - mainly, they dive from the water's edge down to the bottom of the tank - over and over again. When they are not diving, they are riding the waves made from the filter. I is quite entertaining to see this, I just want to know that they are not stressed. Thank you.

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Re: Yellow Lab Swimming Patterns

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HI Annie,

Congrats on the new fish!!! They are just checking out their new home. It will take a few days for them to settle in. It is always a blast to watch them swim in a current, and explore the tank. I think you are really going to like them!!!

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