Hi Pam, new to site

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Hi Pam, new to site

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Hi Pam, my name is Omar and I've been slowly obsessing with my cichlids. Well to start I began with simple freshwater fish but quickly changed up to African cichlids. Ever since then my tanks have slowly multiplied from 1 - 4 tanks, one of which is solely dedicated to what I call my nursery tank because there is about 2 generations of babies in there and the momma just had another 5 fry so I've been busy to say the least. I was hoping you might be able to help determine the type of cichlids they are. I purchased at a local fish store while they were both greyish but have changed into a very pretty yellowish greenish color but some babies are more blue than the others with stripes all have stripes. Could you tell by looking at a picture of them where they are from and there type of cichlids they are I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!
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Re: Hi Pam, new to site

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Hi Omar,

If you can get me a picture I would take a look and try to ID. You will have to start a new message, and if you can't upload the pictures to the site, just get me a link to where they are on line.

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