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Crossbred Victorian

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So a couple days ago I see someone is talking about accidentally crossbreeding a Pandamilia nyererei (possibly a mix) OR a Sunshine Peacock (unsure what kind) with a female Haplochromis sauvagei. Then I find out they have just random males and females in their tank. The fish are also easy breeder types and breed with anything types. My response was UGH! Why do this? Also, this must happen constantly right?
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Re: Crossbred Victorian

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Hi Kelly,

Sadly it happens all the time. And when it comes to Victorians it is very sad, as many of these species have been accidentally crossed and spread about in the hobby. People think they are buying pure bred Victorians only to find out they were crossed up. But the interest in hybrid cichlids is out numbering the purists, and there are many more fish imported from Asia then Africa.

It is buyer beware! You shouldn't buy a fish and then post it on facebook requesting an ID? I would like to think someone is doing research somewhere along the line! lol

But, I button my lip and try to share the passion I have for natural occurring species. I have sought out species that I want to keep, because the more popular hybrids become, the harder it is going to be to find the real cichlids. It costs a lot more money to bring in wild caught cichlids from Africa then to ship hybrids from Asia. And there is turmoil in all the countries where cichlids are naturally found, inadequate governments, exploitation of oils/minerals, starving people etc. Even our own country could bann the importation of non native fish.

Thanks for your note, I know feeling!
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