Tankmates for Pt. Eikemei

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Tankmates for Pt. Eikemei

Post by cajburgers »

Hello Pam,

I'm thinking about a new tank (1400 liter, 300*75*65cm) with Pterophyllum Eikemei (15 fish). Now I'm looking for "good" tankmates.

I'm thinking about:
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma (groupsize?)
Biotodoma (groupsize?) or a group smaller Geophagus?

What do you think?? Any more suggestions??

Kind regards,

Pam Chin
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Re: Tankmates for Pt. Eikemei

Post by Pam Chin »

Hi Coen,

Pterophyllum Eimekei note the spelling is a very nice looking Pterophyllum.

I am glad to hear you have a nice large tank for them. I think your choice of a schooling Tetra is an excellent, there are many that would work, it really boils down to personal taste. I think with your large tank you are going to need a school of 24-36 or you not even going to see them.

I think a group of Biotodoma or small to medium Geophagus type would be a wonderful addition. But I would stop there, this tank would be so elegant, with just three species. If you add more it is just going to be to busy and you are not going to be able to observe the natural schooling and other behaviors that these species will show you.

Sounds like a fabulous tank in the making!
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