Total number of cichlid spesies

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Total number of cichlid spesies

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Hello !
I would like to know the total number of cichlids that have been described/ foundat current time. I have a feeling that at least 1600-1700 species have been found in Africa, but have many in the rest of the world?

Alf Ole BT.
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Re: Total number of cichlid spesies

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According to "The catalog of all cichlid species, listing 1,665 generally accepted and 578 potentially undescribed species". I would think there are probably more than that though.
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Re: Total number of cichlid spesies

Post by julietbaney »

I think this setup will be a great addition to the Cichlid Room Companion. I think it will make it easier for people to "Ask Pam" their questions. It is also nicely set up for people to check for information on the types of cichlids they are interested in (Malawians, or Centrals for example). I like the search feature as well. It should allow for more precise answers for some people. Over all, I give it high marks!
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