Black Substrate


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Black Substrate

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Hello Pam,
I was wondering if you know the name of a material used in the hobby for DIY substrate, I used black but i believe it came in many different colors. What i can remember about it was ceramic pool grit of some sort. I heard about it from a friend that got the idea from this forum about 8 or 10 years ago. we went to a place east of Cleveland to get it. That's about all i can remember. I would love to find this substrate again, it worked awesome more coarse than sand and smaller that gravel. Thanks
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Re: Black Substrate

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Hi Fred,

I am not sure of the name either. But I do know that if you go to a gravel store or landscape store, they often have jars that you can see the gravel/sand in. It really helps if you can look at them, because it sounds like you have a specific one in mind. Sand comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and it seems that each region has their own lingo to describe them.

I hope you can find it again.
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