mixed african stocking in large system

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mixed african stocking in large system

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I am a long time, experienced aquarist. Manage a client's large system, tank 7'x2'x3'H. Sump another 100 gallons. They dumped in mixed africans ten years ago. I just pulled out what I could. There is a large permanent structure in the tank that keeps me from catching everything. Took out 24 adult Demasoni and a 12 fish Frontosa colony with the alpha being 12". There are a dozen small demasoni and three small fronts left. I need to restock. Want to avoid breeding fish and have something in there that will keep the demasoni fry in check.
Client likes yellows and reds. Thinking all male Haps. Maybe six, so there's plenty of space.
Any thoughts from people experienced in this type of display would be great.
I have 45 years of experience, bred africans decades ago, lots of marine, planted tanks and SA cichlids. Have a great pair of Festae in a planted tank now. Thank you in advance! Jim
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Re: mixed african stocking in large system

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Hi Jim,

If you don't want fish breeding, then going with all males is certainly an option.

There are many different peacocks, mellow haps, and predator haps to choose from. It really boils down to personal taste. Personally I think peacock wise, the Aulonocara jacobfreigbergi types are the nicest, they have longer fins and outstanding colors. Look up "eureka", Otter Point, and Lwanda.

To investigate the mellow Haps, search for Copadichromis, Protomelas, Otopharynx, Placidochomis

To investigate some of the predator haps, search for Aristochromis, Buccochromis, Champsochromis, Dimidiochromis, Nimbochromis

Good Luck with your search!
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