Tropheus ratio Male/Female

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Tropheus ratio Male/Female

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There is alot to do on the males-females.
I hear alot different rumors among tropheus and petrochromis keepers.
What can be seen as a good ratio for an adult group tropheus?

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Re: Tropheus ratio Male/Female

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Hi Tropical Tropheus,

I don't really dwell on the ratio, especially if you have a group of 20+ fish and you have them in a big enough tank. My goal is to get a cohesive group and I like the Tropheus to figure out who is in and who is out. I don't like to remove any members of the group unless they are up in they are up in the corners. Some people think you should cut back the males, but I have found that having a few extra males can take the heat off the females. Only the Tropheus need to know who is who, and what their position is in the group.

If you have less fish, then your goal should be to increase the size of your group first, because I think larger groups just do better. It doesn't take too long to increase your group, if you can get a couple spawns raised up.

In the wild, my favorite site to see is when Tropheus school up together and graze across the rocks, it is amazing. I want to see this same behavior in my tank, and having a larger group helps.

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